PUBG Mobile: The Vikendi Map Is Now Available

The Vikendi map was released on December 21, and after we tested it for a while we have to admit that it is truly breathtaking. This is definitely the most detailed map of PUBG Mobile, and it allows players to experience the game vividly.

PUBG Mobile has been teasing us ever since season 4 was launched, but it wasn’t until Update 0.10.0 that the map was finally added to the game.

In a tweet posted by the official PUBG Mobile account the new map was presented as “A chilly terrain with trees. Great for taking your opponent head-on because there’s nowhere to hide.”

The map

This is a 6×6 km map, and the landscape is covered in snow. This is the fourth map added to the game. It is smaller than Erangel and Miramar, but larger than Sanhok. The update also has an Outfix Box III (7d) and 1,888 BP to offer to those who log in before December 25.

The map also has its own new vehicle: the snowmobile. This will be very useful, as regular vehicles tend to slip on snow, and it is harder to accelerate while using them. You won’t have the same problems with the snowmobile.

Other additions

The update came with other improvements as well. There is a new upgrade system that allows you to upgrade certain weapon finishes and unlock various things, such as kill effects. New penalties for quitting matches have also been added, and you can now match with other players of the same rank across other servers.

You will also notice that there is a new voice prompt. When you enter the game it says “Welcome to PUBG Mobile” and “We will be taking off soon, be prepared” right before taking off. There are also new options in the chat and new voiceovers for all of them.

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