Sea of Thieves: Multiple Improvements Are On Their Way

Sea of Thieves was released back in March, and ever since it managed to grow quite nicely. It has received multiple updates that managed to enhance the game, and the good news is that even more improvements are on their way.

In an interview offered by executive producer, Joe Neate, discussed the upcoming changes. There will be new modes available soon. The team is also working on an improved quest system. Neate also admitted that they discovered some weak spots and they are working to fix them.

But for some people that want guided goals, they want lore, they want story, we know that we’re underserving players, but we’ve proven that we can do it and that it works in the shared world with campaigns we’ve done around the Hungering Deep or Cursed Sails where you put lore, put story in.

Quest system

An enhanced quest system is one of the main changes coming to the game. The quests will be centered around the story. The update will come out this year, although it was supposed to be released earlier at first. Here is what Neate had to say about the upcoming system:

We saw the potential in it and we wanted to really, fully do it justice. So yeah, there’s a team working on that, has been for quite a while and will be for a little while more, but I think when we bring that into the game it’s gonna appeal to those people that want that crafted lore, want that adventure, want that story, and also appealing to maybe single players as well. You know, those players that want to go out and maybe they want to live a story, maybe they don’t want to be that social.

He also announced that the Arena is coming soon and they are already playtesting it. A “rough version of it” should be available earlier so that players can offer feedback.

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