Minecraft Version 1.83: Patch Notes For The Latest Update

Minecraft is constantly receiving new updates and right now a new one is available. The update for version 1.83 is now available for PlayStation 4. Let’s see what this new update has to bring to the game.

Version 1.83

As you have probably observed so far, PlayStation 4 updates usually arrive later than the ones for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One version. This update that was released for PlayStation 4 brings content packs that were already available on other consoles.

This new update brings The Nightmare before Christmas Mash-Up Pack and the Holiday Update. There are also six new Trophies which can be acquired. This version also solves some of the issues that existed in previous versions. For example, there was a crash that occurred near Snow areas.

In addition to that, the Tutorial level has a Barrier block. This has also been fixed. The update also fixed a crash that occurred when TNT blew up a Fence post and Shulker Box.

The update also added cats and pandas to the game. Cats are a mob that shows up in villages. Fish can be used as a treat for them. Cats can also be used to scare Phantoms. Meanwhile, Pandas love to eat Bamboo. There are different types of pandas as well.

Worried Pandas can be scared by other mobs and thunderstorms. There are also Aggressive Pandas can fight for their friends and they hit harder than the others. Brown Pandas are very rare, Lazy Pandas eat Bamboo every day and enjoy to lie down, and Weak Pandas have lower health and they sneeze gross slime.

The update also added Scaffolding blocks which can be used to climb buildings and build quickly. You can learn more about this from the How to Play page. You will also discover that Ocelots don’t turn into Cats anymore.

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