Windows 10 Minecraft Receives New Update: Pandas, Cats, And More

Minecraft has managed to grow a lot during the years. And this happened thanks to the updates that it has received. Right now version 1.8 is available and the new update brought several new additions.

This time Update 1.8 comes Windows 10, Xbox One, Kindle Fire, Nintendo Switch, Windows Phone, Android, Gear VR, and iOS.

With this update we also received a small bit of info about Realms:

Realms also now offers a subscription for Xbox players which will make it easier to keep your Realm from expiring. Speaking of Realms, we finally fixed the bug where blazes could one-shot kill you.

New features

This new update brings many new features. For example, players will have a chance to interact with stray cats. The small animals can be tamed if you use fish. On the other hand, ocelots can’t be tamed anymore. You can, however, win their trust by feeding them.

There are also some new additions for pandas. They can be found in jungles. Where there are pandas there must be bamboo as well. You can find it while fishing in some chests. In the future you should also be able to find it spawned naturally in the world.

Scaffolding is a new block crafted with bamboo that can be used for climbing. There are also several new achievements:

  • Where have you been? – Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning (20G)
  • Top of the World – Place scaffolding to the word limit (20G)
  • Zoologist – Breed two pandas with bamboo (40G)

Phantoms are afraid of cats which means that they can’t “haunt” you when cats are around. A new crafting recipe was added for Packed Ice and the Tropical fish is now bigger.

The update also added the crossbow weapon and it comes with several enhancements such as Quick Charge, Piercing, and Multishot. You can enabled Experimental Gameplay in world settings.


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