Elder Scrolls 6: Will The Game Be Released This Year?

The Elder Scrolls 6 is one of the games we want to see the most this year. Bethesda couldn’t focus on this project, as the release of Fallout 76 was a bigger priority. Unfortunately, that launch didn’t go as expected.

However, it did not diminish the fans’ enthusiasm for The Elder Scrolls VI. As you already know, the game is supposed to be the successor to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which was a huge success.

Should we expect The Elder Scrolls VI any time soon?

The release date is the most important detail at the moment. However, we can’t offer you a date for sure. We do know that the game director of Bethesda did mention last year that we shouldn’t expect a release anytime soon. More than that, even though the studio released Fallout 76, there is another project they must focus on, Starfield.

You might be wondering whether we could receive the game this year. Most experts seem to believe that this isn’t that unlikely. “The flop of Fallout 76 makes a hit more essential for Bethesda, and I expect them to accelerate development of ESVI”, declared Michael Pachter who is an industry analyst.

2019 could be the perfect moment to release The Elder Scrolls VI. If you remember, the last game in the series was released 8 years ago, which a big hiatus, even for video games. Besides, the usual break between games lasted 6 years.

Nonetheless, there is also a chance that we won’t receive The Elder Scrolls VI this year. After the Fallout 76 events, Bethesda might want to take its time and polish the game until there are no flaws. This wouldn’t be a bad thing. Despite the fact that we would have to wait more, it would mean that we will receive a memorable game that was worth waiting.

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