Fornite: The Challenges For Season 7, Week 5 Are Here

Fornite was a hit last year, and it appears that its success will continue in 2019. The game reached season 7 back in December, and it continues to release new additions constantly.

Each week players receive new challenges and we now have the challenges for the fifth week of Season 7. Let’s take a look at them.

Season 7, week 5 challenges

The challenges for week 5 of season 7 are: Get 3 Suppressed Weapon eliminations, Land at Polar Peak and Deal damage to opponents’ structures.

However, you should know that the “Land at Polar peak” challenges has five different stages. First of all, you need to land at Polar Peak, then you must land at Fatal Fields, after that you have to land at Tomato Temple, Leaky Lake is next and the final location is Snobby Shores. It is important that you do this in different matches. You can do it after you win the Battle Royale or after you have been eliminated in the game.

If you take a look at the map you will notice that these locations are easy to spot. If the bus chooses a route that passes them, just make sure that you jump at the right moment. You can also use the glider to get there smoothly. If Leaky Lake doesn’t sound very familiar for you, look for Loot Lake on the map. There is where you have to land.

The “Deal damage to opponents’ structures” isn’t a difficult challenge. Just use the pickaxe or some weapons to destroy structures built by other players. You will need to score 5000 points from this, which can be done even in one match.

The challenge that makes you get 3 suppressed weapons eliminations might be a bit more difficult. First of all, you need to find an automatic rife or a suppressed pistol. However, once you get the right weapon, it should be easy to get the eliminations as well.

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