PUBG Mobile Zombies Spotted: Is A New Mode On Its Way?

Something big is on its way. We already know that Tencent Games is collaborating with RE Games. The announcement was made at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge tournament, and we were told that they will work together for the remake of Resident Evil 2. There was even a small teaser which showed us some zombies.

Obviously, players were excited to find out the news. While we don’t know yet what’s in store for us, there have been plenty of theories. Many fans believe that a zombie mode is on its way.


An update is coming, and we can see the signs everywhere. It all started with foot stains and hand prints with black liquid on the walls and floors of Erangel houses.

Things escalated from there. Players have managed t to discover dead zombies. They are not easy to find, as they are placed on the small isolated islands below the Sosnovka Island. No one lands there as it is usually very far away from the safe zone.

Will there be a Zombie Mode?

The zombie mode is definitely the most popular theory at the moment. Nonetheless, it is a bit hard to believe that playing against zombies will be possible. However, we do expect certain skins and other in-game elements. For example, for Halloween we had a special AKM that turned players into scarecrows. We might receive something similar for this update.

However, we could be wrong and this might be something bigger than we could anticipate. There are rumors flying around which seemed to indicate that the next update will come with a new Zombie Mode, as well as a death cam. New weapons and vehicles should also become available in the upcoming update. Online rumors also indicate that we can expect the update sometime between January 18 and January 20.

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