PUBG Mobile Maps: Comparing The Four Locations

Vikendi is the latest map added to PUBG, and now players can choose between four different maps when they want to enter a match. Each map is unique and each one matches a specific style. We are going to compare the four of them and see how they are different.

General details

The four maps are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi and they have been added to the game in this order. Erangel and Miramar are the largest maps and they have the same size, 8×8 km (64km2). Meanwhile, Vikendi measures 6×6 km, which means that it has 36km2. The Sanhok map is the smallest one, and it is just 4×4 km, the total area is 16km2 .

However, if we were the compare the land areas, Miramar is leading, as it has the biggest playable surface. It has 80.89% land area. Meanwhile, Erangel has 51.47% land area, Sanhok has 49.26% land area and Vikendi has 40.29% land area. The rest of it is water.

The reason why Vikendi has so much water is because it is comprised of two big islands, as well as a third tiny one where the castle is located. However, this does not mean that players are restricted by this map since most of the water is frozen which means that you can walk on it.

When it comes to foliage, Sanhok is covered in vegetation. It has plants covering 43% which isn’t surprising considering the fact that Sanhok is set in a jungle. Erangel and Miramar also have around 30% of their surfaces covered in grass, trees and other plants. Vikendi is a land covered by snow, so it does make sense that less than 7% of it has vegetation.

Loot and weapons and vehicles

Miramar has the best loot and the best weapon spawns which should make sense, as it is also the largest map. There are 43,343 total loot spawns and 7929 weapons spawns. Vikendi’s weapons are mostly SMGs and it comes with 5,443 spawns out of 28.614 loot spawns. Erangel has 24,058 total loot spawns, and 4,689 of those are weapons. Sanhok has only 13,889 loot spawns, but it comes with a high weapons spawns’ percentage. It offers 4,546 weapons spawns which represents around 32% of the total loot spawns.

When it comes to vehicles, Erangel has the most. There are 633 vehicle spawns, despite the fact that only 4% of the map has roads. Sanhok has the high road coverage of 7.27%, but the lowest number of spawned vehicles, 198.

Miramar has a road coverage of 6.92% and 452 vehicles and Vikendi doesn’t exactly have road coverage since it is covered in snow. However, the map comes with snowmobiles which work perfectly on snow. There are 336 vehicle spawns.

Game style

You will need to adapt your strategy for each game. For instance, Sanhok is a small map, which means that buildings will attract large numbers of players. Therefore, the game is fast-paced and combat begins immediately after landing, especially since weapons can be found easily. In addition to that, the vegetation is very dense, and an opponent prone in the grass wearing a ghillie suit is almost impossible to spot. Sanhok also comes with storms and the weather can change easily. Rain and thunder make it difficult to hear your enemies, and storms are usually followed by fog, which reduces visibility.

Erangel and Miramar are more slow-paced. Since they are very large, you can take your time to find the gear and weapons that you need. If you want direct confrontations right away, landing in a large city can offer you that. Erangel games can also feature fog, but in this case it isn’t temporary like in Sanhok, the fog is present during the entire game. In addition to that, Erangel also has a sunset mode and a night mode, which are generated randomly. The night mode also has night vision goggles which need to be on after the sun goes down in order to see anything.

Vikendi is more of a mix between these two. The map is covered in snow, which makes footsteps louder. It also snows from time to time, but this isn’t a major disrupting factor.

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