Candy Smashing Battle: Candy Crush Soda Vs Candy Crush Saga

When it first was released, Candy Crush Saga soon became a phenomenon. Many similar games were released afterward, but the original will always have a special place in our hearts. However, its developer, King, also released Candy Crush Soda. While the two games have many common points, there are plenty of twists that differentiate them and make them two unique experiences.

Both versions are quite popular among mobile users and everyone has their own personal favorite. But which one is the best? Today we are going to compare these two and discover what is the best way to pop candies.

Main differences?

While at first, it became hard to understand why developers decided to release two different versions of the game, it all became obvious as soon as we started playing. In fact, the main thing these two have in common is the swiping movies that is used to remove pieces.

As the name already tells you, Candy Crush Saga makes you crush candies, while in Candy Crush Soda you have to crush sodas. In order to get rid of them, you need to pair at least three identical blocks. If you combine more than three, you will create a special combination.


The power-ups for these games are also different. For Candy Crush Soda you have a striped hammer that can be used to erase one line with just one tap, whether it is horizontally or vertically. Meanwhile, Candy Crush Soda comes with various power-ups per level.


This is one of the main thing differentiating these two games. It all depends on what you prefer. For example, most users feel that Candy Crush Soda requires more technical thinking skills. This game requires quite a bit of strategy and you will have to analyze the board before you make any moves.

However, don’t think that Candy Crush Soda is a breeze. This version also comes with some incredibly hard levels, but the good news is that they are not that common.

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