Clash of Clan Town Hall 11 Strategy: How To Use The Bowler Healer

Having a strategy is very important when you are playing Clash of Clans if you want to have successful attacks. However, you will need to adapt your strategy as you go. Each Town Hall level offers new troops and defenses and new challenges as well. It is important that you know how to adapt.

For Town Hall 11, one of the best strategies is the Bowler Healer one. In this article, we will show you how it works and how you can employ it effectively. Let’s take a look.

Get three stars

As the name already tells you, for this strategy you will need to train bowlers and healers. It is recommended that you use around 6 healers, and use the rest of the slots for bowlers. Make sure that you also have a couple of balloons, giants or a golem, and wallbreakers but not too many. You can use these troops to destroy your opponent’s base, but you need to start from a corner before moving to the center.

It is very important to be very patient while you are using this strategy. You can’t release all your troops at once. You should start your attack with the Archer Queen in order to make things easier for your bowlers.


First of all, you need to choose a corner where you will begin your attack. The corner you pick should be the one closest to the Eagle Artillery, but you need to make sure that it is not the one closest to the Inferno Towers. Start by releasing a balloon in order to get rid of any air mines.

Now it is time to release your archer queen and the healers behind it. You can use a wallbreaker to clear the way for the queen. Make sure to use rage potions whenever you need them. You want your archer queen to stay alive for as long as possible. Try not to use her ability right away, and postpone it as much as you can.

After the archer queen destroyed enough buildings it is time to release the giants or the golem. Right after them the bowlers and the barbarian king should be released in an adjacent corner. It is recommended that you do this before your archer queen dies, and if you can you should do it while her ability is still on.

After you release all your troops make sure that they deal as much damage as possible. You can help them with some spells, especially jump spells and rage spells. Since new troops were released, this will also offer your archer queen a chance to heal a bit more.

Use all your remaining spells for the rest of the attack. Make sure that you activate the special power of the barbarian king in the best moment. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to activate it after you already used a rage spell on the king. If you haven’t used yet the special ability of the archer queen, it is time to use that as well.

This strategy should help you get three stars, especially if you manage to keep alive as many bowlers as possible. Nonetheless, don’t expect this strategy to have the same results for all bases. For example, you might encounter opponents that have placed the Eagle Artillery in the center of the base, which will make it more difficult to conquer it. While it might be tough, it is not impossible. Just make sure that you are patient and release your troops at the right time.

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