PUBG Mobile Season 5 Leaks: What Will The Next Season Bring

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile battle royal games at the moment. In order to keep the players’ interest peaked, new updates are released constantly. This time, a new season is about to be launched. There were four seasons so far, and it appears that the fifth one will come out this month.

There is no official announcement for update 0.10.5 yet, although players did receive an in-game notification that let them know that the season is approaching its end. We also have some leaks about the theme for the upcoming seasons.

Fire and ice

If the last season had a snowy theme perfect for the holidays and it came with a new map covered in snow, it appears that season 5 is going to be exactly the opposite. The PUBGmCommunity posted a leaked image on Twitter and it does look quite believable.

Leaked stuff for season 5 with background leaks from Reddit credit to @minisideman

— PubgmCommunity (@PubgmCommunity) January 10, 2019

The set of clothes for this season are black and red and they also have flames on them. This does make sense, as the previous season also introduced outfits that matched the new map. Warm clothes, white items, and fur were the norm for season 4.

PUBG Mobile season 5 will also bring several new outfits. PUBGmCommunity also posted pictures of the clothing that might be released soon:

Also, clothing that most likely will be coming along with season 5

There are many interesting costumes there. We can spot a Japanese costume, a birthday cake costume, fairy costumes, a tuxedo, and many other interesting choices. There appears to be a brand new emote as well, although a simple picture can’t offer us too many clues.

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