BioWare Releases Anthem Trailer and Shows Gameplay Progression

The best news so far for BioWare’s Anthem is that it just got a new trailer which is just the beginning from a series that will begin showing more features and gameplay mechanics.

BioWare began this trailer by showing part of the story of the game, customizations, and progression. The rest of the video breaks down two topics: playstyles, loadouts and the abilities of the Javelins – Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus, and Storm.

You will start Anthem as the Ranger, but by the time the game’s story ends, you will be able to build all Javelins and customize them as you wish.

Choosing the Perfect Javelin for the Job

The four Javelins have been presented in this trailer, each having unique abilities and weapons for specific encounters. For example, the Ranger will rely on precision play, the Interceptor is fast and has strong melee attacks. The Colossus is great for the front line and the Storm attacks with the most powerful ability in the game, but it has no armor.

You can customize each Javelin to be used in different roles. For example, you can make the Ranger have a balanced build with different weapons for solo play, or suit it with other abilities (more damage or support) for team fights.

The Next Trailer: Anthem’s ‘Massive End Game’ and Strongholds

The trailer ends with BioWare promising that the next sneak peek will come with details on “the expanding shared world of Anthem and its massive end game, including a look at strongholds,” which we cannot wait to check out.

As you all know, the upcoming third-person shooter/action RPG is already available for pre-order, which will let you play an exclusive VIP demo on 25 January. The game will release next month on 22 February, and you can play it on Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

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