Minecraft 3DS Update Available to Download with New Imporvements

If you are a fan of the blocky building game, Minecraft, then you will be excited to hear what the new 3DS updates come with for you. Every modern console has editions of the game (and most of them of the last generation) and over 100 million copies were sold. The New Nintendo 3DS version of the game gets its final update.

To begin with, this portable version of the game feature creepy Woodland Mansions that look so scary and which host ‘villagers’, evil Villagers that have strange powers. Evokers, Vindicators, and Vexes will populate these mansions. If you want to find them, then you can do so by accessing the Dark Forest Hills and the  Dark Forest.

There were also some peaceful additions such are cartographer villagers and llamas. You will also benefit from the explorer maps as they give you the opportunity to find the places you want in the game world way easier. Underground fossils have been added by the World generation, and in Nether there are also natural magma blocks.

Two new enchantments that are the best include the Frost Walker that when you walk on water creates ice blocks and you will no longer need a bridge. The Mending enchantment is even more interesting. You will be able to repair items with gathered experience with the help of this spell, but no other will be added to your current level.

The Minecraft 3DS updates come with some new items and blocks that you will enjoy: Concrete Powder, Concrete, Shulker Box, Glazed Terracotta, Totem of Undying, Frosted Ice, Bone block, Red nether brick, Magma block, Iron & Gold Nuggets, Nether wart block, Spawn Eggs (Llama, Vindicator, Evoker, Vex).

This is where the list of goodies end. There will no longer be any other updates to the Minecraft 3DS version as it is the final one of the  New Nintendo 3DS edition of the game. If you want to enjoy it, you can buy it from the Nintendo eShop for $29.99.

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