PlayStation Releases Days Gone Trailer and Shows Pre-Order Bonus and Collector Edition

Days Gone just got a new 2-minute trailer showing some more snippets from various locations which are all spectacular.

The open-world zombie adventure game shows us part of the world that players will explore – we saw Farewell Wilderness, ancient volcanoes, desert areas, snow lakes, a lava field, caves, abandoned towns and – of course – a lot of insane Freakers trying to kill you.

The Deadly Farewell Wilderness

Here is part of what PlayStation Blog wrote about the video:

Today, in the first of a series of three videos, we offer you a look at the Farewell Wilderness, the setting for Days Gone, a unique landscape that is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

The blog continues to describe what players will see in Farewell Wilderness and warn you that it is “filled with things trying to kill you” from wolves and cougars to Freakers and so on:

Travelling the abandoned highways of the Farewell Wilderness is deadly. […] Riding the broken roads through Days Gone offers landscapes that change quickly and dramatically, a living, breathing world – filled with things trying to kill you.

As for the bonuses that come with preordering Days Gone and the types of editions, here are the details:

If you preorder any version of Days Gone, you get The Drifter Crossbow and some upgrades for drifter bike – Nitrous, Gas Tank, and Shroud.

Days Gone Special Edition and Collector’s Edition

There is a Collector’s Edition and a Digital Deluxe Edition. The special edition will come with a “steelbook, physical soundtrack and a 48 Page mini-art book by Dark Horse Comics,” says the blog post, adding that the Collector’s Edition will come with the items from the special edition and a “Collector’s Edition statue, set of patches, 6 pins and 4 decals.”

The release date for the PlayStation exclusive title is 26 April 2019.

Until then, we’ll have to wait for more trailers from PlayStation, which should come in the following weeks. PlayStation promises they will post more “videos highlighting other key features in Days Gone.”

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