Pokémon GO APK Version 0.131.4: Install The Latest Version Available

No one can forget the debut of Pokemon Go when players from all over the world instantly became fascinated with the game. While the craze died down a bit, there are still many loyal players. The app has evolved a lot and developers continue to add new features in order to maintain the fans interested.

Now a new Pokemon GO version is available. The version number is Pokémon GO 0.131.4 and it was released last week. This is not a major update but it does come with several performance improvements and new bug fixes. That is why it is recommended to install it as fast as possible.

You can find the APK for the latest update online. However, if you want to download an APK you need to make sure that you have enabled downloads from unknown sources. You can do this from Settings > Security. Alternatively, you can also wait until the update is available on the app store so you can get it from there. Make sure that you keep your Pokemon Go app up to date in order to receive the best experience.

The December Update

The Pokemon Go update that was released in December was a major one. The new version came with several new features. For example, trainers became able to Trainer Battle against other team leaders. It is also possible to send Trainer Battle challenges to Best Friends and Ultra Friends. Challenging is also possible if you scan the Battle Code of a person that is nearby.

There are three different Trainer Battle Leagues for Trainer battles, and a team of three Pokemon Is needed for each one. There are different Pokemon CP limits for every Trainer Battle League. In addition to that, Trainer avatars also received new skin tones and hair colors.

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