Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods That You Can Use To Enhance Your Game

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a game that will help you develop your creativity. There are no limits in this universe and you can create whatever you want. This becomes even simpler if you install mods.

Mods can help you add various items and changes to the game in order to build the world of your dreams. We have selected some of the most creative mods out there.

WAILA (What Am I Looking At) Mod

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This is a useful mod that is based on a Java Edition mod originally created by ProfMobius. This mod will show the IDs and the names for every item you look at, such as mobs or blocks.


Ore Crop Mod

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Becoming rich has never been easier. With this Minecraft Pocket Edition mod you can get diamonds and gold by farming them in your garden just like regular plants. You just need a couple of IDs to get the seeds and then you can plant them.


TooManyItems Mod

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This mod will add a searchable list to your inventory. You can use it to search for various items and blocks, including those from other installed mods. You can even create a favorites list or come up with saves of the inventories that you use regularly.


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This is one of the biggest Minecraft Pocket Edition mods out there. The mod comes with numerous structures (more than 250) that can be incredibly helpful in the game. This includes bombs, towers, vehicles and so on. If you need a certain item you just need to use the “/xstructure” command.

GravityGun + GUI Mod

This mod comes with the Gravity Gun, an epic item that will allow you to lift mobs and carry them wherever you want. Just use the gun on them in order to lift them and then you can launch them away.

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