Minecraft Marketplace – What Were The Most Popular Creations Of December?

The Minecraft Marketplace offers Minecraft users content in order to customize their game and expand their universe. December was the biggest month in the history of the marketplace. There were 10,872,443 on Windows 10, iOS and Android, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, which is a record number.

The popularity of December is partly because Minecraft released a lot of free content. In addition to that, the Minecraft Marketplace enhanced its features and functions. Here are the most downloaded creations of December (in no particular order):

Catastrophic Pandamonium by Gamemode One

We have to start the list this one, as it managed to gain around 4 million downloads out of the 10 million. The adventure begins when you realize that pandas are missing.

Winter Gifts Bundle by Minecraft

December represents the holidays season, so a special winter update couldn’t miss. This creation brings all the special holiday skins and worlds that could be downloaded by players who wanted to feel the Christmas spirit.

“Whether you were naughty or nice this year (hopefully nice!), this bundle is our holiday gift to you! Last winter, we gave away amazing skins, worlds and adventures from some of your favorite Marketplace community creators. And now you can download them all again in this bundle of Winter Wonders!”

Purple Parrot Party Place by Minecraft

If you love purple parrots, then you should adore this creation. As the official description states, this is “A celebration of all things purple parrot party and palace!”. More than that, players were able to find a huge parrot temple hidden in the jungle on an island.

Inspiration Island by Minecraft

According to the Minecraft Marketplace, the Inspiration Island is supposed to get your creative juices flowing. The island is a floating theme park and it does manage to inspire its visitors.

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