Clash Of Clans: What Should The Next Upgrade Bring

Clash of Clans remains one of the most popular mobile games despite the fact that it was released years ago. It appears that Supercell managed to discover the secret to success. We believe that one of the reason Clash of Clans maintains a loyal fan base is because developers make sure to add new additions constantly. Here are a couple of things that we hope to see in the upcoming updates:

Multiple gem mines

Gem mines were one of the best additions. They are available in the Builder Base, but the bad part is that they don’t create too many gems, and you could get around 2 or 3 per day. Since gems are really useful in the game, in the future we hope to see more gem mines. Having two or three gem mines would be better, or we could even receive gem mines in the main village.

A new hero

At the moment there are two heroes available for the home village and only one hero for the builder base. We would love to get more heroes in the future, and this is something that fans have been speculating about for a long time.

Donating loot and gems

Clans allow you to donate troops to other clan members, but sometimes this might not be enough. In a clan war for example, defense is just as important. In order to upgrade all your defences, you need resources. Therefore, we think that it would be a great idea for users to be allowed to donate resources or even gems as well.

Daily Quests

Including daily quests would be a great addition. It would allow players to win small prizes every day and it would motivate them to log in each day in order to complete the tasks.

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