GTA 6: Will We Finally Receive The Information We Need During E3 2019?

There aren’t any Grand Theft Auto fans who haven’t debated and speculated about the sixth instalment of the series. So far, Rockstar Games didn’t offer us any details and everything is a complete mystery. However, this might change this year.

The E3 event will take place in June, and according to several reports, we might receive new information about Grand Theft Auto 6 during the event. Rockstar hasn’t announced anything yet, but this would be the perfect setting for a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement. The event that took place last year had more than 200 exhibitors and it attracted more than 69000 persons.

After the success of Grand Theft Auto 5, it is certain that another game will follow. The fact that the studio is taking its time is not necessarily a bad thing. Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption 2 last year and the game was an instant success, so there are plenty of reasons to trust them. We also know that Rockstar published several job listings and it is looking for gaming experts in multiple fields.


Like we mentioned earlier, developers didn’t offer any clues related to the storyline. However, fans have been speculating for years. One of the most popular rumours claims that the codename of the project is “Project Americas”. This could mean that Grand Theft Auto 6 could take players to South America as well. There are also theories that the game will include the entire map of the United States of America.

The current political context in the USA might influence the game as well. Co-write Dan Houser explained that it is hard to create a satire of the society, as things are very exaggerated as they are at the moment.

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