Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK Mod APK Available with New Changes

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft brought the popular game to smartphones. However, don’t let this fool you. The mobile version is just as powerful and developers release new updates for it constantly. The game allows you to test your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK Mod

Android players who want to play Minecraft: Pocket Editions can find it on Google Play Store. It costs $6.99 and in just a couple of minutes, the game should be installed. However, if you want to get the game for free you can also download the APK for it.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition comes with plenty of mods. The latest APK allows you to freely construct your dream city. You will have all the blocks you need, available in various sizes and you can use them to build anything you wish. This should test the architect in you, as it is not simple to create a building and plan everything carefully.

What are the features of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK Mod?

The APK Mod of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android comes with plenty of features. The player is able to create all kinds of structures and various items are provided. This includes all sorts of blocks. The gameplay is truly innovative, and players can also play with their friends.

What does the latest update bring?

The last update comes with a couple of changes. For example, pandas can now be found in jungles where they spawn. There is also bamboo that you can find while fishing. More than that, it is now possible to keep a cat as a pet, but you need to tame it using fish first. You can find stray cats in villages. Cats are not just simple pets; they are also very useful because phantoms are afraid of them.

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