Minecraft Pocket Edition: Become An Expert Using These Simple Steps

If you are a Minecraft Pocket Edition newbie, it is not easy to get started. The game might be a bit intimidating at first. That is the reason why we have decided to provide a couple of tips that should help you become the best in no time.

Choose a seed

This is the first step and it is the most important one. If you don’t know which seed to use you can choose between the following ones:

  • Seed: 509333905

If you want to mine, you can choose this seed as it will spawn you close to a mesa and you will find an exposed mineshaft that can be exploited. There are plenty of mine entrances and you should find gold there as well.

  • Seed: 509333905

This seed will allow you get a full iron armour as fast as possible. You will spawn close to a village where you will find a blacksmith. Then you can go to the river close by in order to mine the iron that you need.

  • Seed: 1388582293

This is the Triple Village seed. You will find a triple village in a savannah biome and there are two blacksmiths there. You need to make sure that you will reach the village as fast as possible.

Get wood

Wood is always useful and you can get it easily. You just need to go to some trees and gather wood from them. You can use wood to craft a wooden pickaxe, a door, a chest and a crafting table. These are all items that will come in handy.

Stay safe during the night

At night you can dig a hole into a mountain and place a door in order to stay safe. Wait there until morning. In the cave, you can mine and get stone and ores.

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