The Sims 5: Are You Curious About What’s Next?

Everyone has played The Sims at least once. Whether you have pleasant childhood memories playing this game or you use it as an escape from reality from time to time, chances are that you want to know what the Sims 5 will bring.

The bad news is that EA games haven’t made public any details so far. Since five years have passed since the Sims 4 was released, a Sims 5 launch shouldn’t be out of the question. Usually it takes four to five years to release a new game.

Will there be an online playing mode?

While The Sims has changed a lot during the years, one thing has remained the same: the single player mode. You can only play the Sims games on your own, and this is an experience that can’t be shared with other players. However, the Sims 5 could change that. Many players have been dreaming about an online playing mode that would allow them to play with others.

More than that, it wouldn’t be that surprising so see the next Sims released on other platforms. More specifically, we are talking about a mobile phone release. We all know that smartphones can handle games, and since there already is a Sims game for mobile, why not release the full game there as well?

Minor improvements for the characters

The entire Sims game revolves around its characters. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to see some improvements. For example, the last game was missing toddlers (until a DLC was launched) and this is something that shouldn’t occur in upcoming games. It is important that Sims characters are as realistic as possible as this makes players get more invested in the game. It is hard to see whether EA will listen to the requests of the players, and we can only wait to see.

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