January 2019 Clash Royale Update – New Cards and Improvements

New Card

The arena will soon be hit by a new card after the January update – Wall Breakers. Wall Breakers was borrowed from Clash of Clans and are a pair of Skeleton minions that have an explosive barrel of dynamite in their hands. As this card’s target is towers when they reach one it would be in a lot of trouble. The arena in which it will be unlocked is still unknown, but as a guess, it might be the new Arena 12 – Spooky Town.

New Game Modes

Year of the Hogs – Your battles will have more excitement and chaos in them thanks to this new game mode as in it, every 12 seconds, Royal Hogs spawn behind your opponent’s tower and yours. The elixir ramps up as the battle progress, along with the Royal Hogs spawned. You might have thought 2v2 was crazy, but Royal Hogs rampaging through the arena is was more challenging.

Mini Collection Mode – This game mode is similar to Clan Wars Battle Day. In this one, your opponent and you will have each a collection of 40 cards which you will have to use to create your battle decks. Your deck building skills will be challenged by this new mode aside from getting you out of your comfort zone to try new things.

Trading Improvements

In the January update, up to four different cards will be available for players to choose if they want to change them from others from another player. The trade is completed after the person accepting the trade pick the card they want. You get, and they get theirs. Now, it is easier to negotiate a trade thanks to these changes, and in addition to that, it broadens the choices available to other players.

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