A Clash of Clans Crash-Course

It’s been more than six years since Clash of Clans was released but the hit title continues to draw new and returning players. The easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay made the game popular in the first place but some of the mechanics may not seem to be too intuitive for a new player. The guide below will give you some much-needed help.

How the game works

When the game is started you will gain access to your new village. In order to progress you will have to improve the village and protect it from nefarious players that want to loot your resources. Each Town Hall upgrade will unlock a variety of buildings. Those buildings will also unlock new units that can be used in order to protect your kingdom or attack enemies.

Don’t use gems often

As the kingdom grows and objectives are completed you will discover that some of them will offer a gem reward. Gems are a premium currency that can be used in order to increase the speed of certain tasks. It is advised to keep a generous number of gems for a rainy day. The will improve your recovery speed and allow you to buy shields.

Use a village layout that is well-designed

The right village layout will allow you to quickly stop invaders before they are able to cause critical damage to buildings or units.  Several layout strategies can be found on the internet. Check them often since new units can make an old layout useless.

Constantly upgrade harvesting units

Raiding may generate a reasonable amount of resources but the best strategy is to keep your harvesting units upgraded in order to gain them without the risk of losing valuable combat units. If you use a shield during the night a generous amount of resources will be available in the morning.

The Shield

The shield will keep your village safe while you are not actively playing. It will be available for a limited duration and it can be bought with gems. Keep in mind that attacking another village while the shield is active will deactivate it before the period expires.

Strength in numbers

Joining or creating a clan will allow you to interact with friendly players and gain access to special PvP events and mods.

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