Best Sims 4 Mods For Beautiful Appearance

Modding was always a part of the Sims experience and Sims 4 players have a lavish selection of mods at their disposal.

In some cases you may find that the look of your Sims lacks a bit of flair. Download the mods below and create the Sims of your dreams!

Notice: In order to streamline the format of the list the mods have been divided into several categories that modify a key aspect.

Skin tones

Let’s say that the skin tones featured in the Sims 4 are not particularly inspired. The selection is quite small, even more so if you are looking for a darker shade. While more nuances were added via patches some modders decided to bring some variety.

Xmiramira’s Melanin Pack 1 and 2

-adds a selection of 50 skin tones

MadMon’s Knight Skinblend

-significantly improves the complexion of the Sim


When a new Sims is created players can pick between a few moles and freckles but the selection is quite poor, even more so when we are thinking about freckles and moles that are present on the whole body.

WildyMiniatureSandwich’s Subtle Freckles and Moles

-packs a selection of full-body freckles and moles that look beautiful

Simreaper’s Shadowboxing

-makes the freckles look more natural

Mayberries’ Moles

-a cute selection of moles


The mirrors of the souls and the surrounding areas can be made truly awesome with the mods below:

Kijiko Catfood’s 3D Lashes

-a selection of luxurious lashes that rival real-life ones

Pralinesims’ Maxis Match Eyebrow Pack 01

-pick the right eyebrows for your Sims according to your wishes

Simandy’s Luz Eyes

-completely changes how the eyes look, making them brighter and more realistic


A good hairstyle will make an average-looking person more beautiful and this is also available for your Sims.

  • SavvySweet’s Patti Puffs
  • Charming afro puffs that look great
  • Vikai’s Margot Hair/BlueMoonSims’s Margo Hair

-two interesting takes on how a Margo should look like

All the mods can be found for free on the internet.

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