Kingdom Hearts III – Better pacing and The journey towards the end

Kingdom Hearts is a beloved game series that has a strong international fan base. The game franchise unites some of the mechanics of Final Fantasy titles and Disney’s beautiful universe in order to deliver an intense experience across several gamers.

The series began back in 2002 with the release of the first Kingdom Hearts for the PS2. The title was well-received and led to the launch of several titles that complete and extend the story, with the most popular ones being Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

The latest title, Kingdom Hearts III, brings the saga to an end after a journey that lasted almost 17 years. Below you can find our impressions about the game.

A joy to look at

It is clear from the start that Kingdom Hearts III aimed to push the PS4 to the limits. Fluid animations, impressive battle effects and Disney worlds that manage to look even better than their movie equivalent make the game a spectacle that could charm every heart.

Better pacing

Kingdom Hearts II featured an extended prologue that was disliked by many of the fans since it felt like an interactive movie. This issue is masterfully tackled right from the start by the latest title. Sora will magically lose his powers according to the glorious RPG tradition but the player is thrown into the action right of the bat by entering the world of Hercules.

A revamped combat system is a joy to use, allowing players to chain combos and skills in order to defeat their enemies win style. A selection of keyblades is available and player can customize their loadout according to their wishes.

The journey towards the end

Kingdom Hearts III strongly believes that you played the other games in the series before you picked the title but it manages to give provide enough background for those that are new. The universe is filled with the same emotions that made the series a hit in the first place. The culmination of the plot is satisfying and players will truly that it is the proper conclusion of one of the most iconic video games.

Even if you a new to the series the game can be played and enjoyed without problems.  It is a great addition to your gaming library.

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