Become A Boom Beach Expert Using Our Tips

Supercell has created multiple addictive mobile phone games and Boom Beach is one of them. The game is available for free and it will take you on an adventure. Our Boom Beach guide should come in handy if you are trying to improve your Boom Beach strategy.

Top attack strategies

When you are attacking someone you should know some tricks that could help your attack be successful. For example, you can attack from your boat and destroy enemy towers. You should also make sure that the headquarters are located near your boat. This way it should be easier to protect them against the attacks of your opponent.

Make sure that you upgrade the hut in Boom Beach as fast as possible. This way you will be able to get gold faster and you can use it for other upgrades. You can also use diamonds for your headquarters, as that is a good investment. It’s also worth spending diamonds when you are recruiting diamonds.

Your headquarters can be moved to the center of the map once you have more XP. However, make sure that you protect it properly by purchasing as many defenses as you can.


Diamonds are very important in Boom Beach and you won’t earn them easily, so need to make sure that you spend them wisely. Diamonds can be used to boost the production of troops and the construction of buildings.

You should know that diamonds can be found from time to time to the card. From time to time diamonds show up in chests. It is also possible to find diamonds when you are diving in your submarine. When there is a mission you will know from the start how many diamonds will get after you complete it. Achievements are also important because they also offer diamond rewards.


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