You would have never thought GTA 6 will be like this

Taking the game to another level

After GTA 5 was released by Rockstar, the company proved their fans that they know how to develop a game worth playing. Now, because they got used to receiving something professional, they are hoping for a better and bigger GTA 6. Currently, Rockstar is dedicated to finding something better and more different to introduce into the next member of the GTA series so that they do not disappoint their fans. Only time will tell whether GTA 6 will be better than its predecessors and if its fans will be satisfied with what they will receive.

Release Date

Almost six years ago the company released Grand Theft Auto 5, and it was considered by fans the most successful game of all time. However, they have been waiting for the sequel for more than half a decade now which means that Rockstar has to be working on it. As they finished their work with Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar can now focus on GTA 6.

What is sure is that the game will take about two years to be made so we can say that Rockstar will release the game in late 2020, but do not hold on tight to this speculation because we are not sure.

Where will GTA 6 take place?

As it happens to most popular adventure & action video games, there are some rumors going around the internet about GTA as well as predictions and speculations. Experts and fans have their own opinions regarding where the game will have its location.

The most popular of these theories claims that the sixth version of the game will return to Vice City. Maybe it would even be possible for players to travel from this location to South America too.

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