Roblox versus Minecraft: Which One’s The Supreme Sandbox Game?

Sandbox games are an interesting category because they allow players to test their own imagination. These games usually have few to no limits and they are great for players of all ages. There are many sandbox games out there, but today we are going to discuss two of the most well-known ones: Roblox versus Minecraft. Let’s compare these two.


The cost is an important factor for many players. If that is the case for you, there’s a big chance that you will appreciate that, up to some point, Roblox is available for free. On the other hand, if you want to play Minecraft you will need to spend $26.95 to purchase it. In Roblox you will be able to play a couple of levels for free.

Are they kid-friendly?

Sandbox games are usually great for children, and these two are no exception. However, you should keep an eye on them. For example, your child might look up content related to the game. Minecraft and Roblox have huge fanbases so you need to make sure that your kids access safe content outside of the game.

You should also know that Roblox also has ads. Violence exists in both ways, although there is nothing graphic or scary.

Game Modes

You can decide how you want to play these games. Roblox comes with two game modes: creating and playing. If you want to develop your creativity, the creating mode is usually recommended. The playing allows you to play games designed by other users.

Meanwhile, Minecraft comes with three different difficulty levels. There are is also a lot of content online that can improve your game. From mod packs that can be used to add new things to your game, to online tutorials that can show you how to play.

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