Big Sinnoh Stone Update Announced For Pokemon GO

Niantic never takes a break, and the company always makes sure that the Pokemon GO players receive new content on a regular basis. The game is still going strong, even though its original hype died down a bit. Developers know how to keep their players, and that is through constant updates.

A Sinnoh Stone expansion update was announced for both iOS and Android, and it appears that it will be a big one. This time, new pokemon will be added for the Sinnoh Stone.

What will the upcoming Sinnoh Stone update bring?

It is always exciting to find out what Niantic is cooking for its fans, and it appears that the next update won’t disappoint them. As we already mentioned before, the Sinnoh Stone update is supposed to bring new Pokemon to the game.

The list includes Tangela which evolves into Tangrowth and Lickitung which evolves into Lickilicky. With the help of the Sinnoh Stone players will be able to evolve them. And we have even more good news.

The next update will also bring even more Gen 4 Pokemon. They can be found in the wild. Some of the Gen 4 Pokemon that will come with the next update are Combee, Glameow, Cranidos, and Shieldon. There should be even more Pokemon on the list, but these are the ones that have been confirmed so far.

The update will bring other changes as well. For example, you should notice that Pokemon will become stronger than they have ever been during Raid battles. More than that, some of them should also get new moves.

Nonetheless, with this new advantage, there are disadvantages as well. Raids will be more difficult than ever. It is still possible to beat some raids on your own, but they are very few, and it will be very hard to do that.

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