New Buildings Materials Added To Minecraft Bedrock

Mojang is always working hard to come up with updates for Minecraft, and we are never disappointed. At the moment, players are receiving updates for the Village and Pillage upgrade series. New content is added to the game, as well as new features.

Many new things were added, and even more are on their way. There are multiple changes in the game, and we are excited to talk about them all. Let’s discuss.

More options

With the updates, we can see that there are new possibilities in the game. For example, the walls, slabs and stairs can be made out of more than just cobblestone, brick and basic wood. After the update, players are able to choose between andesite, diorite, granite, mossy stone, and smooth sandstone and quartz. Walls are getting even more options, as they also have red nether bricks, brick and sandstone on the list.

If you craft a sign using the new wood signs you will also notice that the colour is different for each one, and this will show in the game as well. The update also brought new plants to the Minecraft world: the cornflowers and the lily of the valley flowers. We can also observe that there are some new options including new buttons that can be used by the player to go to the feedback, support sites and bug tracker.

When it comes to Experimental Gameplay features we noticed a new toggle. By using it users are able to enable Pillagers, new lanterns, the Panda Jungle biome, as well as upgrades for the crossbow. It was also noticed that there is an experimental new scripting API, which could be a good thing for developers, as it allows them to make their own scripts.

The update is available on all app stores.


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