Clash of Clans 2019: Encountered The “Unfortunately Clash of Clans Has Stopped” Android Error? Here’s How To Fix It

Clash of Clans is played by millions of users and it is one of the most entertaining mobile games out there. However, all games have their issue. For example, if you are an Android user, you might have encountered the “Unfortunately Clash of Clans has stopped” issue. It is quite frustrating to deal with this error, as it can affect your game progress.

In this article, we will offer you a couple of solutions that should help you get rid of that issue for good. If you have the “Unfortunately Clash of Clans has stopped” error on your Android device you should try the fixes we have provided for you.

How to solve the “Unfortunately Clash of Clans has stopped” error

This error is one of the most common Clash of Clans errors, but it isn’t that difficult to get rid of it. It is important that you fix this issue as fast as possible, as it can show up every time you open the game and it won’t allow you to play. Here are a couple of methods that should fix your error.

  • Reinstall the app

Sometimes, reinstalling the app will help you get rid of this issue. You just need to open Google Play Store and find the Clash of Clans app. Now uninstall it, and once it is reinstalled tap the install button so you can reinstall it. See if the issue is still there.

  • Do you have the latest firmware?

It is important to have a device that runs on the latest firmware, otherwise, errors might occur. Make sure you are not using older firmware, and if you are, update is as soon as possible.

  • Clear cache

Go to the Settings app and then head over to “Apps”. Find Clash of Clans, tap on it and then select Storage. Then tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.

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