Pokemon Go Friendship Event – Your User-Friendly Guide

If you are a real Pokemon Go fan, it means that you have your eyes on every event possible that you can attend to get more for your game. Well, we have some good news for you! Pokemon Go events have become increasingly more frequent with the next closest and confirmed mini-event being the Pokemon Go Friendship Event. It will not be the size of the Community Day one, for example, but it is better than nothing.

Pokemon Go Friendship

Two other events will take place at the same time with the latest Pokemon Go friendship event. The little overlap will happen because of the shiny Meltan mini-event and the  Lunar New Year event (year of the pig) both offering different types of bonuses.

As the friendship event and the Lunar New Year will overlap a little, you will be able to take advantage of that as trading only requires half the Stardust and your chance to get a lucky Pokemon when trading is increased.


As every event from Pokemon Go comes with bonuses, the friendship one will also provide you with some. Those include the friendship increasing two times faster, each trade brings you twice the candy, and the Stardust amount required to trade is cut to half.

With that being said, your chances to level up to potentially best friend status with other players are bigger, so your opportunity is excellent. When competing with friends in raid battles, you can trade damage and discounts bonus, this way increasing the friendship levels.

Date and Time

The event begins at 1 pm PST (4 pm EST and 9 pm GMT) on 8th of February and lasts the entire weekend ending at 1 pm PST (4 pm EST and 9 pm GMT) on 11th of February.

That brings you three days of Pokemon Go Friendship Bonuses!

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