GTA 5 Online Cheater Gets Sued for $150,000 in Damages

Even though GTA 5 Online was released back in 2013, this is still one of the most popular games in the world to this day. Rockstar Games has created an amazing game and the fact that GTA 5 Online is popular after so many years is proof of that. Nonetheless, the biggest problems that online games have to deal with are cheats and from the looks of it, Rockstar Games doesn’t take kindly to cheaters.

GTA 5 Online is making headlines today because Rockstar Games has decided to sue a man by the name of Johnny Perez for creating the “Elusive” cheat. This is a serious lawsuit and the creator of the cheat will need to pay $150,000 in damages to GTA 5 Online’s developer.

GTA 5 Online Cheat Creator Gets Sued

Johnny Perez is the man who created the infamous cheat for GTA 5 Online called Elusive. This cheat gives GTA 5 Online players access to an unlimited amount of in-game money and all other kinds of cheats. The biggest problem here is that Elusive is a paid cheat and this made it possible for Rockstar Games to ask for damages.

Johnny Perez Needs to Pay $150,000

We have to note that this isn’t the first time that Rockstar Games has tried to take measures against Elusive. The first time this happened was last year when Johnny Perez agreed that all the earnings he made with Elusive will be donated to charity and that the cheat will be shut down. The cheat maker didn’t want to report exactly how much money he made off the cheat and Rockstar Games decided that he needs to pay a total of $150,000 in damages.

Ruining the Gameplay

GTA 5 Online is an expensive game and Rockstar Games used this argument in court by saying that everyone who purchased the game will not be able to enjoy the GTA 5 Online because of Johnny Perez’s Elusive cheat. Obviously, the court ruled in the favor of Rockstar Games.

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