Pokemon Go 0.133.1 APK Improves the Game’s Software Stability

Pokemon Go is a super fun game that it managed to get the entire world out on the streets searching for Pokemon to fight when it was first released. The great thing about Pokemon Go is the fact that even though a couple of years have passed since it first came out, Pokemon Go is still one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The reason why Pokemon Go managed to stand the test of time is because the developers who are in charge of the game are constantly releasing new APK updates that introduce new features, missions, Pokemon and more importantly, bug fixes. In fact, a brand-new APK update for Pokemon Go has just arrived.

Pokemon Go 0.133.1 APK

The latest update for the highly popular Pokemon Go mobile game sports the 0.133.1 version number and it comes in the form of APK. This update format stands for “Android Package Kit” and as you can probably tell from its title, it can only be installed on Android powered smartphones. Furthermore, APK updates need to be manually downloaded and installed.

System Requirements

The first thing that all Pokemon Go fans who are interested in getting the new APK update need to do is to head over into their smartphone’s Settings panel and then to enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This option will make the smartphone eligible to install APK updates. Moreover, the new Pokemon Go APK requires a minimum of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and 97.33MB of free internal storage space.

What’s New?

Some Pokemon Go fans might be upset to find out that the new update doesn’t come with any new features or content, but on the bright side, the update introduces a handful of bug fixes that focus on improving the overall software stability of the app.

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