Top Games That Can Represent Minecraft Alternatives

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you to develop your creativity and build your own world. The game is the most popular game of this time and it managed to be a success for many years. Nowadays, there are many similar alternatives out there. If you are looking for something new, we have prepared a list of Minecraft alternatives which are just as entertaining. Let’s take a look.


This game is quite similar to Minecraft. You find yourself on the shores of a world made out of blocks. Just like with Minecraft, you need to explore, mine for resources and create your own tools and weapons.


Starbound is an indie game, just like Minecraft once was. The game is a 2D one, but it comes with lovable, beautiful pixelated graphics. In the game you get to explore the world in order to find new items and obtain weapons to defend yourself. The game is available for OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.


Terraria is based on a concept that isn’t very different from the one Minecraft is based on. The game is a 2D one, but the goals are mostly the same. You have to explore the world, dig, find resources and build in order to survive. The game comes with multiple levels and it also includes action and combat.


Roblox can also be considered a Minecraft alternative, although there are some differences between these two. For starters, Roblox is available only online, while Minecraft works both online and offline. In this game you will get your own avatar and you will be able to customise it however you want, from hats, clothes and gear. In the game you will be able to interact and chat with other players, as well as battle and play games with them.

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