PewDiePie and His Fans Get Banned on Roblox

PieDiePiew is the biggest YouTuber in the world and any game developer would be happy if he promoted their game on YouTube or Twitch, right? Well, it seems like this isn’t the case. PewDiePie is in a subscribers “war” with another YouTube channel called T-Series and he decided to start streaming Roblox in order to gain some new fans. Little did PewDiePie know, the developers of Roblox don’t like him and they don’t want him anywhere near their game.

PewDiePie Gets Banned on Roblox

PewDiePie announced today that his Roblox account has been banned. Not just that, but his account was banned without any reason because PewDiePie didn’t do anything wrong when playing the game. This baffled the YouTuber and he started asking his fans if they have any idea what went wrong. This is where things get interesting because PewDiePie’s fans figured out that Roblox’s developers automatically ban everyone for typing PewDiePie in chat or for creating clothing items with the YouTuber’s name on them.

Roblox Developers Speak Out

In order to try and make sense of what’s going on right now, the developers of Roblox decided to speak out and let everyone that they don’t like PewDiePie and that they don’t want him to be featured in their game. The developers stated that PewDiePie has made some controversial statements in the past and they believe that his influence would bring negative elements into the game.

PewDiePie Fans Get Banned As Well

Form the looks of it, PewDiePie is not going to have his account unbanned on Roblox. However, we advise all Roblox players to stop spamming PewDiePie’s name in chat because they might end up getting banned as well. This has already happened and as we all know, it’s fairly easy to get banned on Roblox.

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