Will the Launch of GTA 6 End GTA Online?

GTA 5 was released back in 2013 and even though the game’s main story can be finished in a couple of weeks, GTA 5 is still a highly popular title to this day. The reason why GTA 5 has managed to stand the test of time is because Rockstar Games has also introduced an online mode that keeps giving players a reason to come back for more. This begs the question, what is going to happen to GTA Online once the highly anticipated GTA 6 arrives?

GTA 6 is in Production

Right from the start, we need to mention that Rockstar Games has yet to announce that GTA 6 has entered the development phase. However, we can be sure that this is happening because Rockstar Games started listing new job openings on LinkedIn for positions with descriptions such as “help us create a next-generation game”. The job listing is definitely hinting at GTA 6 and not just that, but Rockstar Games would be crazy not to create GTA 6 since this is the world’s most anticipated game and it will bring in at least one billion dollars in profits.

What’s Going to Happen to GTA Online?

As previously mentioned, GTA Online is still popular to this day and this is all thanks to the DLCs that the game has been getting lately. However, we don’t think that GTA Online is going to receive anymore DLCs once GTA 6 is launched. The reason why Rockstar Games is going to try and “forget” about GTA Online is that GTA 6 will certainly have its online mode and the game developer wants the GTA 5 fanbase to switch over to the new game.


GTA Online fans need to get used to the idea that their favorite game might be going away soon. On the bright side of things, this will only happen when GTA 6 is launched and therefore, GTA Online fans will have a better game to move on to.

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