Could GTA VI Feature a Multiplayer Story Mode?

GTA V is one of the best games ever made and there is no doubt about that. This is the first game from the GTA franchise to feature multiple main characters and GTA VI is expected to follow this trend. However, rumor has it that Rockstar Games wants to take things to the next level with GTA VI and introduce a story multiplayer mode that will give people the chance to finish the game while playing with their friends.

Multiplayer Story Mode

We already have GTA Online, but it lacks the RPG element of GTA. Even though a multiplayer story mode is just a rumor right now, we have to admit that it sounds amazing. Just imagine how much fun you could have doing heists with your friends while completing the story at the same time. Having a multiplayer mode for the story of GTA VI would also make it possible for Rockstar Games to introduce challenges such as to complete a certain mission in a limited amount of time for example.

New Protagonists

If there is something that we can be sure about when it comes to GTA VI, then it has to be the fact that it will feature new protagonists. Not just that, but GTA VI will also be the first game in the franchise to feature a female main character. Having a female main character is the only move for Rockstar Games for two reasons. First off, the company has been receiving bad feedback for the way it represents women in its games and secondly, women also play games and the sales of GTA VI would skyrocket.


The expected release date for GTA VI is 2020. Let’s hope that Rockstar Games decides to release additional information about the upcoming game until then so that we can get a better idea of what to expect.

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