Top 4 Secret Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks

Pokemon Go is a fun game that doesn’t seem that complicated at a first glance. However, veteran players have managed to figure out some tricks that give them an edge over new Pokemon Masters who are just getting into the game. With that said, we have rounded the top four most useful Pokemon Go tips and tricks that will help new players become stronger and also get a better understanding of how the game’s mechanics work. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top Four Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

  • Razz Berries

Even though Raz Berries might not seem that important at the start of the game, they can actually be quite useful from level eight onward. The Raz Berries can be used in order to catch Wild Pokemon faster and easier. As we all know, Wild Pokemon are really strong.

  • PokeStops

PokeStop are a staple feature of the game and they can be found everywhere. The cool thing about PokeStops is that they can be used to collect new items and gain extra experience. Out tip for PokeStops is to make sure to go in every day into your local PokeStop and spin it because you will receive free 50 experience points.

  • Make Sure to Enable Adventure Sync

What many new Pokemon Go players seem to forget is to enable Adventure Sync. This is a cool feature and it can be installed from Google Fit or Apple Fit, depending on your smartphone’s operating system. What makes this feature so cool is that it lets users track their activity in real-life and get information such as burned calories and set goals.

  • How to Gather Items Faster

If you don’t want to spend time having to manually gather all items individually, then you should be pleased to know that there is a way to gather them all at once. This can be done by pressing the “X” button and the items will automatically be sent to your inventory.

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