Madden 19 Ultimate Team: Numerous Cards, Solos And Sets Coming To The Game

A lot of content is on its way to Madden 10 Ultimate Team history and players have plenty of reasons to be excited. Thanks to the Daily Drops steam of February 14, we discovered that the game shall receive a huge amount of cards, solos and sets in the upcoming weeks.

You can expect all types of cards. Most of them will be available for team MVPs. There should be 20 different 97 overall cards that will become available on Friday. Nonetheless, there are also more than 240 Team Builder items that will come to Madden 10 Ultimate Team. This means that you will finally be able to get the upgrades you need for some of the teams.

The latest release also had Series solos and sets in the spotlight. There are both Series 5 Trophy collectibles, as well as upgrades for MUT Masters 95 overall Ryan Shazier.

Team Builders and Team MVP

You should be glad to hear that 280 new cards will be released on Friday. There will be six items for every non-playoff team. This is unlike the usual drops we receive in the game, and it is truly impressing to get that much content.

Fans have been asking for more options for theme teams, and it is good to see that Madden 10 Ultimate Team decided to listen to their requests. For Super Bowl, only teams such as Rams and Patriots received important upgrades.

Not all the items for Team MVP and Team Builder were displayed on Thursday, so you should expect other things as well. From what we have seen so far, it appears that 97 overall Team MVP Von Miller and 97 overall Team MVP Julio Jones might be the most significant items.

Finally, there is also new currency. This time we have Scout points, and they will work the same way previous currency worked.

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