Master Clash of Clans Builder Base with These Tips

Clash of Clans was launched more than six years ago but the game continues to be a hit among many players from all over the world. The easy-to-play but hard to master gameplay will keep users busy for a long while as the fight to upgrade their base and lead their clans to glory.

New features and improvements are added constantly by Supercell. One of the most interesting additions is represented by the Builder Base, an alternate battleground where players are able to display their skills.

Victory can be achieved by earning stars. If the players are tied the one that was able to reach the higher destruction percentage will win.

If you want to improve your chances you can follow the steps found below in order to boost your strategy.

Prioritize your defenses

A good defense strategy will improve the chances of winning. It is advised to place long-range defense units in the center in order to make them more effective. Some player opt to place these units near the edge of the base but they are very weak against select units. You should try to defend the Builder Hall at all costs. Don’t worry about resource buildings since they can’t be looted.

Effective offensive

When your turn starts you are able to scout the enemy base for up to 1 minute. Look for vulnerabilities and assemble an appropriate formation. Focus on the Builder’s Hall and try to bring the building down as fast as possible. If the base is surrounded by defensive buildings and units you can try to push a duet of Pekka and Bomber units. The Bombers will clear the way and the massive damage of the Pekka should finish the job.

Time is of the essence

Upgrading the Clock Tower will improve your entire base.

As always practice makes it perfect and even the best strategies can fail. Don’t be discouraged since there is always space for improvement.

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