Top Ideas And Tips For The Four Anthem Classes

There are four different classes in the Anthem game: Storm, Colossus, Interceptor and Ranger. These classes refer to Javelins, and you get to unlock new ones as the game progresses.

Today we are going to talk about all four classes, and we will offer you some tips, as well as general information about them. Let’s get started.

Colossus class

The Colossus class can deal quite a lot of damage. However, this class isn’t as mobile and as fast as other classes. There is also one special feature for this class, it can equip two heavy weapons at the same time. One recommended combo for this class is the Flamethrower and the Lighting Coil.

Storm class

This class is great for dealing high damage at range. The Storm class is also very mobile and you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the ground, as this class hovers.

For the Storm class, you need to choose between seals. There are two types of seals, the blast seals and the focus seals.

Interceptor class

This class is very agile and it can deal high melee damage. With this javelin class players are able to move quickly and get from one target to another. In fact, it is recommended to take advantage of its speed, as this class isn’t that resistant to damage, so you might want to avoid getting caught.

Ranger class

The Ranger class is ideal if you want to deal a lot of damage to a single target. It is also possible to choose between multiple weapons.

There are two ranger gear slot options. The first one is the grenade gear one and the assault launcher gear. For grenades, you can choose between various options such as the frost grenade that freezes your opponent or the inferno grenade that sets your rival on fire.

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