Kingdom Hearts 3: Top Tips That Will Help You Get Through The Game

Disney lovers who also have a passion for video games must be fans of the Kingdom Hearts series. The games are wildly successful and they allow players to go on an adventure, joined by famous Disney characters.

The first game was released back in 2002, and all the games released ever since were a success. Recently, the latest game of the franchise was released. Kingdom Hearts 3 will help you reunite once again with Sora and the others.

Game mechanics

If you already played all the previous games, you should know that Kingdom Hearts 3 combines the combat mechanics from all the previous games. You can use magic against your opponents, but also key-blades cuts. The game also comes with brand new mechanics that you need to get accustomed to.

Kingdom Hearts 3 allows you to call a Pixar or Disney character to help you out during a fight for a short period of time. The game also allows you to link attacks. This means that you can friends can help you during a fight, but you can also combine your attacks in order to create a more powerful attack.

There are also new big abilities named attractions. As the name suggests, they are inspired by the rides that you can see at Disneyland or Disneyworld. For instance, it is possible to summon some sort of water ride that will splash your opponents.


While the main characters stay the same and you will still have Sora and the rest of the group, there are also some new characters. For this game, you will be able to meet many of the toys from the Toy Story movie. Players will have a chance to see Woody and Buzz, as well as some of the other lovable characters from the movie. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck will be there as usual.

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