Will Fans Receive Kingdom Hearts 4?

The Kingdom Hearts series brings gamers and Disney lovers together. At the moment fans are wondering whether Kingdom Hearts 4 will ever come out. Today we are going to discuss this topic, as this is something that interests many people out there.

Despite the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 was released on January 29, fans are already looking forward to receiving the next game, although we do not know yet for sure whether another game will be developed. Let’s see the arguments we have so far.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Ending

The story seems to indicate that another game will follow. If we look at the way Kingdom Hearts 3 ends, there are plenty of reasons to believe that another game will continue the story. We will include a spoiler here; the game ends with Sora waking up in another city. This appears to be a typical cliff-hanger, and it is very hard to believe that the series will end like this.

The next game could continue the story. Since Sora is in a new location, this would allow developers to introduce new characters to the game. More than that, the next game might not be Kingdom Hearts 4. Instead, we might receive a different title, such as we got Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance a while ago.

Financial success

More than that, Kingdom Hearts games continue to be very successful and they have a large fanbase. This also means that they generate plenty of profit. Square has, therefore, all the reasons to develop a new Kingdom Hearts 5. In fact, the saga is so popular, that it is hard to believe that the story will come to an end any time soon. Fans should receive Kingdom Hearts 4 at one point, although we don’t know how long it would take.

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