You Can Get The Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass For Free

Fortnite has been going strong for some time now, and the game managed to reach Season 7. Each season comes with new challenges and surprises for the players. Season 8 is on its way, and it appears that this time Fortnite has prepared something truly special.

Players will receive the Season 8 pass for free as long as they manage to complete 13 challenges before February 27. This means that you have time until the end of the month to complete them, which should be more than enough. This is a big prize, as it will offer players two Season 8 outfits, and the chance to win other five.

Why did Fortnite do that?

This decision might appear difficult to understand at first, as battle passes represent one of the main sources of income for Fortnite. One battle pass costs $10 and it allows the player to access numerous premium cosmetics including skins. They get some at the beginning of the season, and they can win the others by completing various challenges that help them level up.

This way, the game remains free to play, but those who want to access special skins need to pay something for them. If this looks like a loss for Fortnite, we need to remember that those who were going to buy a battle pass, are probably going to spend some money on Fortnite anyway. Therefore, if they get the pass for free, they might as well spend the money on items available in the store.

Other additions

We should also add that gifting has come back and it will remain available until February 22. The game also has a new infantry rifle and the latest update came with many tweaks and bug fixes. The Share the Love event will take place until February 27, when Season 8 will become available.

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