Minecraft Survival Mode Tips and Tricks – Become a Survival Expert

If you love playing the Survival Mode in Minecraft and you are having problems staying alive, then you arrived at the right place. We have rounded up a bunch of highly useful Minecraft tips and tricks that are going to help all players break their record on how much time they can stay alive in the Survival Mode while surrounded by monsters of the night. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Become a Survival Expert

  • How to Keep Your House Safe

The first thing that all players need to do during the first hours when they start to play Minecraft in Survival Mode is to build a house. The house will keep players safe from monsters, but how can players keep their house safe? This can be simply done by placing torches all around the house. The torches are going to keep monsters at bay.

  • Use Ladders

Even though most Minecraft players only use ladders whenever they want to reach somewhere high or for decoration, ladders can actually be used as a safety mechanism. Monsters can’t climb ladders and therefore, all Minecraft players should place their house entrances as high as possible and make them accessible only by ladder.

  • The Farm is Essential

Building a house is the first thing that players need to do in order to survival for longer times than usual. The next step is to build a farm. Having a farm close to the home will make it possible for players to sustain their need food and get access to resources that can be used to build even more defenses. Not just that, but also offensive weapons such as the hoe. We should also mention that potatoes and carrots have a high chance of dropping from enemies and then they can be planted at the farm.

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