The Elder Scrolls 6 and Blades: What Will Happen?

When we think of The Elder Scrolls, we cannot but only think of the Blades. We think of the bodyguards of The Emperors of Tamriel, and we’ve seen how the Blades have played a key role in every Elder Scrolls game and their main stories. However, Skyrim did a jump forward in history and, for this matter, it had to deal with a crucial blow to the famous organization, the thing that left them reduced in power and made them hide from Thalmor. We now know that Blades have gone back their origins and they are now dragonslayers. However, how will they handle all of these situations in the Elder Scrolls 6?

What happened after the Great War?

The Blades has played a very important role in the main storyline of Oblivion and Morrowind. In both of these games, players were supposed to join the organization and be part of the central story, and this thing also happens in Skyrim. However, some time has passed between Oblivion happening, and the start of Skyrim and something happened with Blades in the meantime. After the end of the Septum bloodline, the Blade’s role as the bodyguard of the Emperor became the role of a new organization called the Penitus Oculatus. In the meantime, the Blade actually continued to protect the Empire in secret. They were actually the first ones to go against Aldmeri Dominion which actually gave them the ire of the Thalmor.

However, Blades was not prepared for Aldimeri threatening them. The agents of Thalmor declared a secret war against the Blades and some of the heads of certain Blades agents were sent to Emperor Titus Mede II as an official war declaration. During the Great War, Thalmor went to destroy the Cloud Ruler Temple, the Blades’ mountain headquarters, which was shown in Oblivion. The organization came to an end, and the Blades – those who remained – went to hide.

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