‘Watch TV’ in Minecraft With Minecraft Snapshot 19w07a

A few days ago, Minecraft introduced in the game Minecraft Snapshot 19w07a, described as being a “A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot” where they added the fox which is so cute and the ability for a player to break paintings into individual textures.

The fox comes with many great things a player can try, such as sneak behind it and catch it, breed two foxes and the offspring will become loyal to you.

Apart from various fixes, the breaking apart paintings has really been taken seriously by many Reddit users who created animated ‘paintings’ in Minecraft. One user nicknamed destruc7i0n has uploaded a short video of his work – the intro of Gravity Falls and it looks spectacular. He explains in his video how he did it:

“Just place the paintings in the same way I have in beginning of the video and apply the resource pack,” adding that it’s “not actually a video, more like a gif.”

One user was stunned to see such a great quality image in Minecraft, saying that it has “better picture quality than my TV.”

Another user put an entire movie in Minecraft – the Bee Movie. Check out ShaneH7646 who took animated textures to a whole new level, adding 1600 frames of the movie, made it work and just sat on the Minecraft couch and enjoyed the movie. Too bad there’s no popcorn in Minecraft!

Another user put YouTube in Minecraft and it looks way too funny! Reddit user Hopeabandoner created a monitor and added a Minecraft video playing in the Minecraft YouTube – it’s Mine…ception!

Minecraft Servers Could Add In-Game Videos With Tips and Rules

These Reddit users took a lot of time to piece the animations in game and it did take a lot of resources – 30 frames take up more than 100 MB space, wrote Kotaku, adding that optimizing this feature could also be a great thing in Minecraft:

[…] We could see some servers or worlds create short in-game videos explaining rules and guidelines to new players.

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