Will A New Pokémon Game Be Released This Year? Here’s What We Know So Far

Pokémon GO was a great boost for all Pokemon games, despite the fact that they were always popular. The franchise is incredibly popular, and this won’t change anytime soon. A new game might come out this year. However, things have been incredibly quiet, and there was no announcement so far. We managed to collect all the reports and rumors in one place and we are here to share with you the things we know so far.

Name and release date

According to some rumors, the name of the game will be Pokemon King and Queen. It appears that the title will be strongly related to the content of the game. It has been reported that the game will be set in Britain.

Many users believe that Junichi Masuda also revealed a clue. He tweeted an image of a Weedle that was captured in Pokemon GO. Some users believe that this is, in fact, a hint related to the upcoming game. For example, in the screenshot, we can see 226 Weedle candies. According to some users, this is, in fact, the date February 26 (2/26), which could be the reveal date. In fact, this date does have significance.

February 26 is one day before the annual Pokemon Day. While it would be February 26 in North America and Europe, it would be the actual Pokemon Day in Japan. But that is not all, the theory goes even further than that.

Users also noticed 2,351,714 Weedle Stardust in the picture. By adding 2,351 we get 11, while the numbers from 714 give us 21. We get 11/21 which would be November 21. If there will be an announcement in February, November would be the perfect release date for the game. We do not know if this theory is real, but we have to admit that it is quite believable.

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